Havoline® ProDS™ Fully Synthetic LE SAE 5W-40


Premium performance, multi-grade motor oil formulated from selected synthetic base fluids and matching additive technology for use in passenger car and light truck gasoline and diesel engines under severe operating conditions.

Havoline® ProDS™ Fully Synthetic ECO 5 SAE OW-20


Fully synthetic, resource conserving high power and performance gasoline engine oil formulated with synthetic base oils for passenger car and light truck engines requiring low viscosity, ILSAC GF-5 or API SN-RC performance lubricants. Preserves and protects engine under all operating conditions with low oil consumption.

Havoline® Formula SAE 10W-30


A high performance engine lubricant formulated for use with naturally aspirated and turbocharged petrol engines in passenger cars and light trucks requiring API SM, SL, SJ and SH or ILSAC GF-4 performance.


Havoline Motor Oil Extra SAE 10W-40


A high quality, shear-stable, multigrade engine oil recommneded for naturally aspirated and turbochaged gasoline engines in passenger cars and light duty commercial vehicles.  

Havoline Motor Oil SAE 20W-50


Long engine life. Proven metallo-organic anti-wear additive system resists wear under all operating conditions by forming a protective layer on contact surfaces. Multigrade viscosity provides additional protection against wear at start-up and under high temperature operating conditions. Preserves power and performance. Metallic detergent and ashless dispersant additive system preserves power and performance by providing good control of piston and ring deposits. Saves on maintenance. Good thermal and oxidation stability resists in-service oil degradation that contributes to filter blocking and sludge formation.



Havoline Engine Oil


Delivering more than 100 years of advanced engine protection